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Become an Advertising Sponsor!

Become an Advertising Sponsor!

[BUSINESS NAME] offers an exclusive advertising opportunity to a limited number of local businesses to promote their brand on our AskMIA™ page.
This cost-effective form of "bullseye" direct marketing can ultimately increase your business exposure to reach local consumers. Moreover, to build a B2B partnership for growth.
Simply enrol, pay, and your ad will be published within 48 hours!  Please ensure that you add a link to our website, on your website.
For more info:
Tel: (123) 456-7890
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    Provide an IMAGE ad to be displayed on our AskMIA™ front page.

    IMAGE AD includes:
    -Thumbnail image that expands to HD image
    -Business Name displayed below image
    -Website link below Business Name
    -Website link below full span HD image
    -Change image ad once per month

    -Maximum image size of 500KB

    Term: 12 months
    Rate: $19.95/month (billed annually)

    Ad sponsors are required to add our website link, on their website.

    Your ad will appear as shown in the example below.
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  • STEP 2 - Provide Ad Details

    Please upload your image ad below
  • STEP 3 - Terms & Conditions

    Please read, and then confirm by checking the box below
  • Submission of any online advertising constitutes acceptance of the following Advertising Terms and Conditions:

    1. TERMS OF PAYMENT. Prepayment is due for one year, and will automatically be renewed after one year from the date of first payment via PayPal.

    2. DEADLINE FOR SUBMITTING ADS. Image ad copy and signature must be uploaded BEFORE you complete payment. If Advertiser would like to provide Publisher a Jibbio Minisite Form which will enable Advertiser to continually change their content without having to request the Publisher to make changes, Advertiser may join Jibbio and provide the link to their Minisite Form at any time after enrollment.

    3. CHANGE OR CANCELLATION BY ADVERTISER. Any request to change an ad must be emailed and RECEIVED by Publisher. Advertiser may change IMAGE ad a maximum once every month, for a total of 12 IMAGE or TEXT LINK ad changes in one year. To cancel an ad, Advertiser shall log into their PayPal account and cancel their advertising subscription BEFORE the annual renewal date, after Advertiser has first notified the Publisher in writing. If the Advertiser does not cancel before the automated renewal date, Publisher in its sole discretion and without liability, may refuse to cancel the ad, in which case Advertiser shall nevertheless be responsible for full payment of net annual subscription cost. There will be no refunds to the Advertiser, for advertising subscription renewals.

    4. PUBLISHER’S DISCRETION. Publisher may, at any time and without liability: (a) Cancel or reject any ad, even if previously accepted by Publisher, if Publisher, in its sole discretion, considers its form or content or links to other web sites (for online ads) to be misleading, in bad taste, adverse to public interest, in violation of applicable law, or otherwise inappropriate for the character of the publication or web site in which it is to be displayed; (b) Place the word “advertisement” with any ad copy, which, in Publisher’s sole discretion, resembles editorial material; (c) In its sole discretion, determine ad location and/or position in the publication or web site, if, after using best efforts, Publisher cannot place ad in exact location/position specified in the applicable contract; (d) Refuse to publish future ads, if Advertiser has failed to pay an advertising account when due, has paid with a bounced check or other uncollectible funds, or has otherwise breached the terms and conditions of any ad contract or other agreement with Publisher.

    5. LIMITATION OF LIABILITY. Except for refund of monies paid for an ad, Publisher shall not be liable to Advertiser in the event it fails to publish an ad or the ad contains errors attributable to Publisher. For online ads, Publisher shall not be liable to Advertiser for failure to deliver guaranteed impressions. UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES SHALL PUBLISHER BE LIABLE TO ADVERTISER FOR INDIRECT, CONSEQUENTIAL OR PUNITIVE DAMAGES OR LOST PROFITS OR LOSS OF GOODWILL, REGARDLESS OF THE LEGAL OR EQUITABLE THEORY UPON WHICH ANY SUCH CLAIM MAY BE BASED.

    6. EXCUSED PERFORMANCE. Publisher shall not be liable to Advertiser for any delays in the production or distribution of the publication or web site in which an ad is to be displayed, if caused in whole or part by acts of God, governmental or quasi-governmental entities, fires, floods, labour or material shortages, transportation interruption of any kind, systems or other technological failures affecting Publisher’s website, or any other event beyond its reasonable control.

    7. WARRANTY AND INDEMNIFICATION. Advertiser warrant and represent (a) that any ad submitted does not violate applicable law, including the civil and property rights of any third party, and (b) that Advertiser is authorized to publish same. Advertiser agrees to severally indemnify, hold harmless and defend at their sole cost Publisher from any liability, loss or expense (including court costs and attorneys’ fees), arising out of any breach of the aforementioned warranties and representations, including but not limited to any third-party claim or lawsuit for libel, plagiarism, copyright or trademark infringement, invasion of privacy or any other claim based on the content and/or form of the advertisement.

    8. COLLECTION AND LITIGATION COSTS. Advertiser shall be severally liable to Publisher for any and all costs incurred by Publisher in attempting to collect past-due ad fees and production charges, including without limitation contingency fees paid collection agencies and/or attorneys, reasonable attorney fees, court costs and other litigation expenses.

    9. APPLICABLE LAW AND VENUE. By placing advertising with Publisher, Advertiser agrees to be bound by these Terms and Conditions, which shall be governed and interpreted solely in accordance with the substantive laws of the Province of Ontario in Canada. Advertiser further agrees that any dispute or claim concerning advertising submitted hereunder shall be exclusively litigated in a court having competent jurisdiction in Ontario Canada, which Advertiser agrees shall have personal jurisdiction over them.

    10. ENTIRE AGREEMENT. These Terms and Conditions replace and supersede any prior agreements, understandings, or representations (oral or written) made by or between the parties and concerning this subject matter. These Terms and Conditions may not be amended or waived except in writing signed by both Publisher and Advertiser.

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