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Suspicious Activity in Neighborhood

Suspicious Activity in Neighborhood

What is Suspicious Activitiy?
All too often we are confused about what we should report and why, so it is important to train our self through a variety of reporting activities, specifically on the appropriate who, what, when, where, and how of reporting. It is important to provide as much specific information as possible.
What constitutes suspicious behavior?
Factors such as race, ethnicity, and/or religious affiliation are not suspicious. Residents should report suspicious persons or activity per the categories below.
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  • Want to report a suspicious person?
    "PEOPLE AREN'T SUSPICIOUS, BEHAVIOR IS." Although we all say "suspicious person", it is really their behavior that is suspicious.

    A suspicious person is either one who is exhibiting suspicious behavior, or who is in an area or doing something that is not normal. Other unusual behavior may include nervousness, nervous glancing or other signs of a mental state.
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  • Describe the main person(s) below to your best ability.
    Race and ethnicity options are listed below:
    1) American Indian or Alaska Native
    2) Asian
    3) Black or African American
    4) Native Hawaiian or Other Pacific Islander
    5) White
    6) Unknown
    A) Ethnicity: Hispanic
    B) Ethnicity: Non-Hispanic

    In preparing descriptions of persons, it is important to provide the following:
  • Want to report a suspicious vehicle?
    Vehicles in the following situations MAY be involved in crimes and should be reported to authorities:

    ◾Slow moving, without lights, following aimless course in any location, including residential streets, schools, and playgrounds (burglar, drug pusher, or sex offender)
    ◾Parked and occupied, containing one or more persons, especially at an unusual hour (lookouts for a burglary or robbery)
    ◾Parked by a business or unoccupied residence, being loaded with valuables (burglary or theft)
    ◾Abandoned in your neighborhood (stolen car)
    ◾Containing weapons (criminal activity)
    ◾Someone, especially a female or juvenile, being forced into a vehicle (kidnapping, assault, or attempted rape)
    ◾Business transactions taking place in it, especially around schools or parks (sale of stolen items or drugs)
    ◾Persons detaching mechanical parts or accessories from it (theft or vandalism)
    ◾Objects being thrown from it (disposing of contraband)
  • Please describe the main vehicle(s) below to your best ability.

    In preparing descriptions of vehicle(s), it is important to provide the following: